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If the First Author cannot attend and present, s/he must submit in writing to a formal:

A) Abstract Withdrawal Request

Withdrawals must be submitted not later than 2 weeks prior to the Meeting indicating the reason for withdrawal (Unable to travel, Schedule conflict, Change of employment, Inability to obtain a visa, Other).

Withdrawals abstracts will not be published on Obesity Surgery Abstract Book (online supplement)

B) Request for approval of a co-author listed on the abstract as a substitute presenter

Replacement requests must be submitted at latest 3 days before the beginning of the Meeting indicating the reason for replacement.


In case the main author of an accepted abstract doesn’t attend the Meeting to present his/her abstracts, without any valid written justification, the Scientific Committee will contact the author to ask for the reason of the absence. If no valid justification is provided, the IFSO Executive Board might consider to suspend the author from participation in the next two IFSO-APC Meeting.


By submitting your work to the IFSO-APC 2022, you consent to have authors’ names, affiliation and biographical material used in connection with the publication of your work.

Submitted abstracts/cases should not have been published in any other journals and/or online publications, nor submitted and waiting for publication, nor presented at any previous international congress.

If the article has been submitted to a journal and is waiting for approval by that journal, the author must inform the organizing secretariat of the Congress and if the article is accepted by the journal before the Congress, the abstract will be cancelled from the scientific program.

A submitter, presenter or co-author submitting or presenting published work will lead to:

-Withdrawal of their presentation from the Press Conference and/or Scientific Session

-Prohibition of submitting abstracts/cases to any IFSO congress for one year

Submitted abstracts/cases must report new information not previously published or presented at a national or international scientific meeting prior to the Congress. Note that abstracts/cases previously presented at meetings will not be accepted unless there is a substantial update of data.

Identified duplicates will be retracted from all related IFSO publications.

The content belongs to the author(s). However if the abstract/case is accepted, the submitter agrees, on behalf of all co-authors, to transfer and assign to IFSO the rights to reformat, publish, reproduce, distribute and prepare derivative works such as press releases and/or educational products directly or with partners. This includes use in indexes or search databases in print, electronic, or other media.

Author(s) retain the right, after presentation at the Congress, to subsequently include the work in articles, books, or derivative works that he/she authors or edits, provided said use does not imply the endorsement of IFSO.

The submitter signs for all co-authors. He/she accepts responsibility for the present rules for submission and presentation on behalf of all co-authors.

Author(s) grant and assign to IFSO-APC 2022 the rights to film, record, reproduce, reprint, and otherwise make use of the works, or any presentation of the works, in any media or format, and authorize the IFSO-APC 2022 to use my name, likeness, photograph, and biographical data in connection with its use and promotion of the works in connection with education works related to the Meetings.